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April 15, 2019

What do you do when you know you’re going to die?
I mean I know I’m not invincible, but death
is not in my sights.
It could be lurking around the bend
or hidden behind the trees, but
I don’t have to face it,
not yet at least.
If death was a deer in the
middle of the ro...

April 15, 2019

The hot summer sun sends to earth its rays

To sting the young worker’s exposed fresh back;
Digging down in the hole to pass his days
Hoping eventually to find his track.
From up on the rim, his father does gaze
Once himself a boy who dug in the pit,
“Do not succumb to w...

April 14, 2019

I remember the pine needles and bug bites of summers spent ages ago.

I remember branches ripped from growing boughs and stripped of their leaves,

Now without the signs of their originality.

Nevertheless, the trees later blossomed,

But with flowers defected by bent brown pe...

April 14, 2019

I would write an obituary for the four word infection called hope,
parasitic at its prime and poisonous at its primitive,
if I believed that ink stained fingertips could craft an antidote.
I stay up waiting by the phone to hear the empty drone of the line,
I paint my n...

March 5, 2019

The lotus is blossoming into a new flower

After experiencing unbridled pleasure

For the very first time

The spirit of love was already budding

But the touch of love caused the

Innocent flower to bloom

And thus two flowers united as one

The fields were replete with jubilation


March 5, 2019

Light a flame and drench me in kerosene

It takes three degrees to destroy a dream

If I were drowning you would let me die

But for now you watch the blaze rise

Cast a stone if you’re free of sin

When will your redemption begin?

If I were slipping you would let me fall

Or you’d...

March 5, 2019

The little leaf blows round in the wind

Brittle and battered as it flies

The leaf hides its face to mask its tears

But rest assured leaves can feel pain

The tree is a leaf’s source of stability

When the leaf detaches from the tree

Its life is sent into a violent tailspin


March 5, 2019

I stand there

In deep, dark confusion.

With one step never taken

And three never to be spoke.

An evil laugh has started as

Black faced clouds taunted the

Dimming sun back into


They speak to me in the form of the wind,

Chilling me to mere hesitation.

Yet I choose to glue...

December 25, 2018

I was driving through Kirkwood, NY
on a Sunday morning.
Scenic lines of strip clubs
dot the highway next to
the abandoned insane asylum
(live! girls! DO NOT ENTER)-
Rusted train tracks bend
and shimmy along state route 17-

I was suddenly very aware of
the space my own...

December 20, 2018