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Emily Sidor

Em is the President of Ellipsis and a junior currently studying Art History and Anthropology on an Archaeolgical track. They are also an E-Board member of the Alpha Delta Phi Society, and enjoy making art and crystals in their spare time.





2019-2020 EBoard



Kevin is a senior at Binghamton, and this is his second year as Treasurer of Ellipsis. He’s a Creative Writing major and hopes to one day publish books for kids and teens. Fortunately, being Treasurer of a club doesn’t require much math. Otherwise we’d all be screwed.

Kevin Topolovec


Patrick Earns


Patrick Earns is a junior majoring in PPL and Environmental Studies and serves as the secretary for Ellipsis. He is mostly known for his love of the Air Bud cinematic universe, but he also reads and writes in his spare time. You can find him in the UU basement at any given moment.


Caitlyn Roberts



Cait is a current junior majoring in English with a minor in Human Rights with plans to pursue a career in civil rights law. They have a love for all things art/writing and can be found mostly tweeting about Twilight (2008). 

Emily Sheremeta

head editor

Emily Sheremeta is an English major concentrating in creative writing and minoring in linguistic. In her free time she can be found baking bread and knitting, like the old woman she secretly is. Send your submissions for Ellipsis, she'll read them!

Pat Cognato

Pat is an English and Political Science student at Binghamton. They also work on other publications: the Free Press and Eells (formerly known as Harvey).



Kai Dacosta

Kai is a current senior majoring in psychology and graphic design. In her free time she can be found doodling and making art. In the future she hopes to pursue a degree in school psychology.