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October 3, 2017

When you find yourself under the influence of blind rage your mind is so incapable of rational thought that, as a result, every action you take only leads to a contagion of mindless violence and confusion. Your inability to reach a level of calmness where your heart can pulsate normally will only direct you towards a courtship with Anger, where you will eventually only be used to consummate your marriage and birth his unstable environment. And yet, in your attempts in preventing said environment, the only actions your mind is capable of resorting to is that of neglect, physical force, or attempted emotional torture. You look away from where the real issues lie, because you prefer to fatten your body with statistics, politics, money, friends, and alcohol; which only manage to fill you up like sand in a flour sack attempting to stay afloat in a starving ocean. When the real problem points needles into your eyes with theirs and demands you to challenge it, you turn your head towards the eyes of your lover and sing silly songs in gibberish and kick mud into the eyes of the devil himself. You believe you have the answer to every question, and that you’re never wrong because you perceive your head to be so large and glorious that bullets aimed towards the back of your brain change their course. You interpret any problem as simply solvable; whether or not the path it takes you down is clear of any type of thorn, weed, or snail does not matter, because it’s clear in your mind regardless. In your mind, to be solved, every problem you are faced with must only answer to your correspondence. Every problem must accept their place as peons beneath you weight. And every problem must bow their heads in submission, and must never ever try to solve themselves.

Well I’m pleased to inform you that no--you are not a problem solver. And I cannot wait to see the day with which the castle of ignorance you've constructed over all these years out of nothing but ice and glass either melts, breaks or falls. And with it, you as well.

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