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The Last Sunny Day in September

October 4, 2017

You will hear my shrieks run in the mountaintops

Cuffing trees and rocks until your nonexistent

Apology oozes down in between my fingers,

And you will still not know what you did wrong.

Turn back to a page when us being together at the end was within possibility.


Run back to a fantasy in which we will never

Figure out why we don't fit together

like two pieces from different puzzles who didn’t know they were created

From the jaws of different saws


Our names together will be bitten out of my mouth.

I savor the copper against my lips as

I cauterize every feeling you ever gave me.

I will switch schools, switch states, switch forms,

Become so myself that you can’t fathom how you could ever turn me into

A sentence much less a love poem about what it means to be unbound.

I refuse to remain stagnant with your algae swelling from my skin.

I will seduce my fury until it turns to a stallion that listens only to me

Galloping laps throughout my body rearing to strike,

but sedated by my will alone.

I will stomp you out until you are nothing to me but a burnt out match.

I will not have the urge to kiss the ground where I extinguished us.


Water may pour ruthlessly from a hurricane but nevertheless it rages and

Armies purr from within me, begging to bring me your head.

But an army cannot convince a storm and I was not contrived to be just a muse.



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