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(no subject)

October 4, 2017

(no subject)



New Message,




Then I write your name, I click your email

I look at the subject line, and I don’t know what to put,

I leave it there, and it saves as a draft

Titled “no subject”


My email has 29 other drafts saved,

All made by me,

All meant for you,

All titled “no subject”


The cycle repeats every night,

Each time, I feel like I have something to tell you,

Something important,

But I can never get it out, whatever it is


Maybe it’d be easier over the phone,

But you blocked my number,

And my Facebook and everything,

After I sent you a Birthday text


So email’s my only way of reaching you now,

And I feel like I should write something,

Because if we were still together now,

This would’ve been our two year anniversary


I don’t know why there’s still anxiety over this,

When the bad parts happened already,

And why it’s so hard to send an email,

To someone I should be forgetting about


For some reason,

I’m helpless like that,

It ended badly,

I shouldn’t need closure


But there’s just…

There’s just one more thing,

That I wanted to say,

That I could never remember


But I think I got it,


I, apostrophe, M, space,

S, O, R, R, Y…


The sad part is if I send this,

I don’t know if you’ll see it,

Or maybe you’ll ignore it

Or delete it


I don’t know if it’ll work,

But I can try


Because we were supposed to stay friends



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