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A Letter To Mommy

October 15, 2017

Mommy have you been drinking again?

Mommy I’ve been waiting for you where have you been?

I’ve been sitting by the window and calling on the phone

Waiting for someone to finally come home


Mommy I’ve been waiting

Waiting here all alone

Daddy’s in the kitchen

He said he don’t love me no more


I look too much like you he said

I have those same cold eyes

But mommy you love me

Couldn’t you just stay for one more night?


I can’t wait to lay with you

Your warm body next to mine

But I smell it on your breath

And I see it in you eyes

Mommy you’ve been drinking again but I guess that’s all right


Even if your don’t see me laying by your side

Even if you can’t hear my giggles

Or breathe by your ear

Don’t you worry mommy because I’ll be right here


I’ll be there in the bar

Because you can’t leave me alone

I’ll be there in the car

As you swerve off the road


They’ll put us in the ground

Your tomb next to mine

And then finally you’ll be around

All of the time.


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