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A Happy Home

November 15, 2017

Happiness is like any home.

It's yours to keep, it's yours to own.


Without a family

alone it stands.

With a family

comes demands.


At home is where you’re meant to be,

Safe and sound, you hold the key.


If intact, you shall remain,

Damages, will cause you pain.


A roof is far from bulletproof,

And rain will cause you pain


So when the rain comes chiming in,

Fight and fix and you shall win.


If the lights begin to flicker,

Who will fix it? You’re the picker.


Careful! Not to lose the light,

And watch it go from day to night.


When darkness comes, you can’t give in.

Otherwise you’ll let it win.


Illuminate and make it stick

To not give up will do the trick.


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