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Spider-Man Homecoming? More like, Spider-Man COME-HOME-WITH-ME (and let me make you a sandwich because you're only 15)

November 15, 2017

We’ve seen a lot from Spider-Man in the past, a few honorable mentions include Tobyi Maguire’s special dance, Andrew Garfield’s two-hit-wonder, and a plethora of dank memes.


Although thinking about these previous installments used to bring on a healthy dose of nostalgia, after watching the newest reboot of our friendly neighborhood Arachnid-boy, the only thing I can bring myself to feel is a half-hearted MEH.

Although I’ll sorely miss seeing Dane DeHaan as the Green Goblin (I mean, not enough to make Valerian a top priority), the new cast will not disappoint. It is a rare occurrence that I find myself totally in love with the “hero” of a film. I usually find them far too self-righteous (*cough cough* Captain America *cough cough* #TeamIronMan), but when it came to watching Tom Holland’s Spider-Man, loving him came naturally. He is just beyond adorable, and his innocence, excitability and good will doesn’t come off as “unbearably naïve” like some would expect, but as so precious you just want to EAT HIM.  

But just because I loved the hero doesn’t mean I hated the villain! I’m not going to give too many details about him, but there was a great balance between the two where you could appreciate both equally instead of just favoring one over the other. This made every scene of the movie enjoyable, unlike other movies like Thor, where I was just waiting for Thor’s scenes to hurry up and end so I could see my bae Loki (by the way, NOT hating on the movie, I literally cannot express how excited I am for Ragnarok without squealing like a cute baby pig). Anyway, when there’s a good hero and a good villain, there’s a bomb ass plot.

Unlike its predecessors, how Spider-Man got his powers was not specifically shown, but honestly, I didn’t even miss it. I’m giving a thumbs up to the developers on this decision, because seeing Peter get bitten yet again would seem redundant, and would take away from all the new themes this installment has to offer. Besides, literally everyone knows how Spider-Man got his powers, and I’m sure a few have died trying to recreate them. And although this Spider-Man is completely new, you will definitely laugh at the nods the movie gives to its ancestors.

Slight spoiler ahead: as for the die-hard Iron Man fans watching this film, you will be a little disappointed. Homecoming is NOT an Iron Man movie. I love RDJ so much that I was a little sad he didn’t get more screen time (although the small scenes he was in were very powerful, of course). However, this is but a selfish desire I know isn’t reasonable. Logically, it’s really good that Iron Man didn’t hog the screen!

Also, I’ll end by saying if you’re looking for a hot male lead to ogle, you’ll have to look elsewhere. I know Tom Holland is 21 IRL, but he plays a very convincing 15 year old, and you’ll definitely end up squealing because of how cute he is in a baby sense, not in a hot damn I need a piece of that ass sense




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