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Erin’s Top Album Picks for When You’re Happy, Sad, Anxious, Hype, or Just Want the Funk!

March 12, 2018





I believe that everyone needs an emergency supply of music when they’re feeling certain emotions (hence why I have 700+ song playlists for different vibes). Here are some top album picks for when you’re feeling happy, sad, anxious, hype, or a little bit funky!



Albums for When You’re Feeling Blue (and Need to Stay Blue for a Bit):


I’m Wide Awake It’s Morning – Bright Eyes



















Although there’s some upbeat songs on this Bright Eyes album (such as Another Travelin’ Song/First Day of My Life) some of the best songs to cry and self-pity yourself to are featured on this record. Conor Oberst, the lead singer song-writer of Bright Eyes uses his unique voice and poetic lyrics to convey cry worthy emotions. The imagery in his songs and semi high-fi folk is vivid and beautiful. The song Poison Oak and Old Soul Song are perfect examples of this, my favorite lines on the album being: “I'm always lost in thought as I walk a block/To my favorite neon sign/Where the waitress looks concerned/But she never says a word/Just turns the jukebox on and we hum along/And I smile back at her/And my friend comes after work/When the features start to blur/She says these bars are filled with things that kill/By now you probably should have learned/Did you forget that yellow bird?/How could you forget your yellow bird?” The imagery in these lines read like a poem or piece of fiction, which I love. Also, yellow bird is a symbol of one’s true love, which is a beautiful concept.

Race - Alex G




















Race by Alex G is a great album for when you’re feeling sad and self-pitying but need some uplifting as well. The album has great lyrics and an awesome sound. Mostly Alex G relies on the banjo (which is AWESOME) and acoustic guitar on these tracks. Favorite lyrics: “Do you miss your favorite song back when you thought you knew what was wrong/Where you are/I dont care I just wanna be a part/Of something” off the song Crab, and from the song Let it Go: “It’s a really big van /for a really big band/they’re not goin’ anywhere/are you really there …/I’m sure sorry about your son /i heard he was a lot of fun /and I’m sorry ‘bout the way /that he ran away.” Tear jerker album with high-fi, folk influenced instrumentals.



Happy Mood Albums:

Raise - Earth Wind & Fire




















Earth Wind & Fire is truly fire. Any album by them really is a riot. When you’re feeling happy or need to get happy real quick, just put on some disco.


The Beautiful Game – Vulfpeck



















With fun lyrics and beats, this album will lift your (animal) spirits anytime. Lots of great, funky piano solos on this album!






When You Need to Get Hype/Want The Funk:


Kanye West – Graduation



















Kanye West’s graduation is my favorite Kanye album. It has so many hits on it, such as Champion, Stronger, and Good Life. His lyrics are genuine and the samples are on point.




raingurl – yaeji [single]





















Well, this one is a given. This song from the single of the same name is great to dance to. “Make it rain girl make it rain” – it’s really a song with beats that would make it perfect for a Montreal night club (or perhaps the Binghamton University Undergrounds)!




Mothership Connection – Parliament





















Hey citizens of the universe, come party on the mothership. You’ll never forget it.





Greatest Funkin’ Hits - George’s Clinton



















Lots of bangers on this one.




Tell Me Something Good – Rufus Featuring Chaka Khan



















This one is both a jam and a gem. It’s very catchy with smooth vocals and a funky beat.






Purity Ring – Shrines


















Purity Ring is amazing, and this album proves it. It’s great to dance to but also if you just want to sit back and chill, listening to it alone.






















Hit after hit on this one! Get ready to dance!



Superclean Volume 1 – The Marias



















The catchy songs on this album, paired with the fantastic harmonies throughout, make it addictive and really great to dance to.



The College Drop Out – Kanye West


















This album will make you hype, but also might make you cry too because of Kanye’s narrative lyrical talent that will pull at your heartstrings (for instance, track 2. We Don’t Care).



Best Songs for Chillin':
If you're feeling anxious or need to sleep, check out these tunes.


Harbor – Tomppabeats


















There are TONS of beautiful, relaxing beats on this AMAZING album. And check out track 36. Emotional Crank if you want to be forever amazed. Track 30. Being In Love with U is my favorite track, though – it has an awesome sample.





Gratitude. - Jinsang


















A top pick for any time you need to chill out. The song Portland (track 3) is my favorite.


Elijah Who – New Feelings EP


















A very chill album, featuring samples from the movie Juno (6. You don’t even have to try) and Kendrick Lamar (5. hol up) which are both awesome and well composed.


Elijah Who – I’m Tired of Feeling This Way//Lychee Juice












My favorite song on this EP is I’m Tired of Feeling This Way – the lo-fi beat that encompasses this song is great to fall asleep to.


Biosphere – We’ve Come so Far Together (single)



















If you need a lit, lo-fi song to help calm you down, this one is for sure a winner. The repetitive beat and instruments in this song are very relaxing.


Pretty – Eevee (single)



















The production on this single is amazing and it’s a very mellow tune. Works like a charm for if you’re trying to sit back and relax.




There’s my list – even though I have way more, I’ll save that for another time. I hope this helps people looking for some new tunes for different moods!



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