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March 28, 2018

I’m asian.

So they tell me that my nose is flat,

I’m good at math and I eat cats

(or dogs, I like to alternate - that kitten’s got me feeling great)

My mom can’t drive, my dick is small,

For an asian, man I’m pretty tall

The kids would call me Ichiro when I would play baseball (Or yao ming for basketball, or just… y’know… chink)


I’m Korean though. (North, obviously)


It’s my oriental orientation stuck in this so-called asian invasion

That’s got me wondering - what do we do?

‘Cause mom wanted Harvard but I got BU
And being called yellow just gives me the blues

I can’t help but feel that my face has no place

Where one’s soul is sold solely just based on their race

America pisses out bubble tea,

But won’t give us more Oscar nominees

The Ivies won’t let us get degrees,

But we’re still “model minorities”


I just wanna be American,

But I’ll always be:

The whitest asian you know.

Is yellow snow still snow?


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