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Our Homeland

December 17, 2018

In a world where we are persecuted and shunned, we have a place to call our homeland.

She beckons us home where we are welcomed by our brothers and sisters with whom we share
connections built on our identity, religion, and culture.
No matter our sect, our lifestyle, or our views of the world, we are all one people in our homeland.


Sabbath is a time for rest and reflection. It is a time for us to start anew and make the coming week
better than the previous.
We flock to the shuk on Fridays to buy our bread and dried fruit before the sun goes down and the
phones turn off.
We rest so we can spend time with loved ones, so we can remember what it means to work hard, so we
can better ourselves.


Remembering our loved ones who have left us is a way to honor their lives; it gives us a means to
mourn, it provides a process in which we can heal.
When we grieve we question Him - our prayer reminds us of the good in the world when we are going
through the darkest of days.
We remember those we lost whom we may never have met. Our aunts, uncles, grandparents, and
ancestors who died in oppression just because of who they were.
Remembering our loved ones reminds us of our identity, that we must embrace our identity, where we
come from, and where we must go.


A living and breathing country in which one of our most famous landmarks is known for its lack in
presence of life: The Dead Sea.
There is a juxtaposition of the sea with no life and the country vibrant with life.
Our homeland is a place to come alive in our truest identity, a safe haven to breathe easy, and in its
truest essence: a home.


Each of us chooses how we observe our faith, whether it is by observing the Sabbath every week or by
attending temple on the holiest of days.
Some choose to embrace our culture through raising our children within the faith or supporting our nation
We are one people with varying lifestyles and sects but have our homeland as the common bond.


Love for this country is passionate, true, and deep.
We love our country the way we love who we are.
We are bound through our ancestors and shared history but our homeland is what connects our souls.
Our home connects us in ways only the soul can understand because we are inherently our homeland and
our homeland is inherently us. This is Israel. This is our homeland.

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