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The Leaf in the Wind

March 5, 2019

The little leaf blows round in the wind

Brittle and battered as it flies

The leaf hides its face to mask its tears

But rest assured leaves can feel pain


The tree is a leaf’s source of stability

When the leaf detaches from the tree

Its life is sent into a violent tailspin

Its course can never quite be known


The wind bludgeons the leaf constantly

How much could it possibly take?

Then when wind and rain unite

The leaf is most vulnerable and afraid


When the leaf at last settles down

It is a reduced version of its former beauty

Moldy, rotten and full of gaping holes

What remains of the leaf sits passively


Waiting to be buried in the fertile soil

Where its particles may take another form

The form of a new graceful leaf

Colorful and impervious to all dangers

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